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The Tribal Technical Assistance Program is part of a nationwide effort sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
The intention of TTAP is to relate the latest technology and information on tribal roads and bridges, tourism and recreation, and related economic development to tribal transportation and planning personnel.
TTAP provides technology transfer through training workshops, a quarterly newsletter, and the operation of free publication and videotape training libraries.

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Tribal Transportation Program Coordinating Committee

Follow the links below to access documents from the Tribal Transportation Program Coordinating Committee

Go to this DOI site for the current TPP Inventory data in a read only format. The links below are for Coordinating Committee documents.

We will be reformatting this page to make it easier to find what you're looking for. In the meantime, we have the information broken into the two major categories below (click on each link to go to that secion).

General Information


2008 Consultation Information

  • Consultation issue: 25 CFR 170, Appendix C to Subpart C, Q.10 - Federal recommended rewrite
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Meeting Information and Minutes

June 2011

  • Click Here for the draft agenda for the June 2011 meeting.
June Meeting Documents
  • sample document
  • August 2009

    • Click Here for an agenda for the August 2009 meeting.

    June 2009

    • Click Here for an agenda for the June 2009 meeting.

    January 2009

    Consolodated Meeting Activities